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Everyone wants to win the race but how many want to win at every workout?

“Winning tomorrow starts by winning today. To win tomorrow’s race, first win today’s training session. Will you be a better swimmer tomorrow because of what you did in training today?” is a favorite saying of Bill Sweetenham, Coach of the Australian National Swim Team.

Here are a few tips on how to win at every workout:

1) Arrive early and stretch for 15 minutes .
2) Make sure you have a water bottle. Drink regularly throughout the workout. If you are thirsty, you waited to long to rehydrate.
3) Start the first lap with a race quality dive or race start.
4) Finish every set with a legal touch and finish.
5) Swim your warm up (and warm down) with the same attention to detail as the main set. Quality, explosive starts, aggressive turns, no breathing inside the flags, never breathing first or last stroke in fly and free, full underwater pull with every lap of breaststroke etc.
6) Work on your weaknesses.

There are no guarantees to success. You can however increase the likelihood of success by making training more demanding than you ever thought possible, attempting to so the impossible everyday and aiming to win every workout.


Don't let anyone train you- train yourself!

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